Winnie's Bakery

Baking in the heart of Weston-super-Mare since 2006

Winnie is our Mother

Winnie is a natural ferment we use for most of our speciality breads.

Winnie started life around twenty years ago as a mix of rye flour and water.

She attracted some wild yeast and began to ferment.

Since then she has been bubbling away and now provides the heart and soul of our breads.

Winnie is always hungry, and we feed her on a daily basis, also keeping her warm and cosy.

After all, without Winnie, our unique flavoured bread wouldn't be the same.

By using a natural ferment, we don't have to add any chemicals to our bread. We even use Sea Salt to keep the bread as natural as we can.
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By combining our passion for food and our desire to see our customers smile, we aim to supply the best baked goods that satiate the soul as well as the stomach.

We are dedicated to celebrating bread with character and flavour, using the best of today, to rediscover the flavour of yesterday.

We believe that our planet is special, and we will do everything we can to protect it, and treat all it's inhabitants with the utmost respect.
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